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The Harbour Company online gallery collection. Fine art photography of the Chichester Harbour. We have a boat collection which features creative prints of various areas of boats in Chichester Harbour. The boat collection features a mix of different boats in Chichester Harbour from fishing boats to pleasure boats and modern and traditional sailing boats. The fine art photographs of the boats in the harbour are impressionist in style.

Our people collection features the lifestyle photographs of life in Chichester Harbour. These are our most distinctive fine art photographs and have a painting and watercolour style to them. Some are described as abstract and others have a graphic feel to them. They are all meant to give a atmosphere of Chichester Harbour.

Our Gull collection features a range of seabirds photographed around Chichester Harbour. They are not wildlife photographs, they evoke a feeling of the different times of the year and different weather found in Chichester Harbour.

The Shoreline collection is a range of small cameo fine art photographs taken around Chichester Harbour. The collection ranges from driftwood, beach huts, navigation markers, boat details, ropes, beaches, sand, stones, pebbles, wooden hulls, and harbour details. These images are graphic in style and are taken with canvas mounting in mind. They suit the canvas mount style.